NDIS changes in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The Coronavirus crisis has impacted strongly on disability service providers. So the NDIS is making major changes to give as much support as possible to both you and service providers so that we can continue to provide services, as well as employment to our Support Workers.

It is also adapting and being more flexible to ensure that services can continue to operate and so that we can continue to provide as many service options as possible to you.

The Quality and Safeguards Commission has confirmed that continuing programs is essential for the support of people with disability. The cancellation policy and price changes outlined below are the ones recommended by the NDIS and like other providers we are choosing to implement them for these reasons.


If you do need to cancel a service, you will need to provide 10 business days' notice to avoid the Cancellation Fee. This new rule applies for any services provided from 25 March. 

Please note that cancellation fees will now be charged at 100% of the service cost. This will be charged to your NDIS package.

Price changes

From 30 March, there is a 10% price increase for the following support categories:

  • Category 1 – Daily Activities
  • Category 4 – Social, Civic and Community Participation
  • Category 15 – Improved Daily Living

These changes and other specific information related to the price changes as a result of COVID-19 can be found on the  NDIS page. The revised NDIS Price Guide also incorporates these changes.

If you are concerned about the impact of the price changes on your NDIS plan, the NDIS encourages you to contact them to discuss this. They have a special team in their call centre to deal with this issue.  

Other changes

Other key changes by the NDIS in response to COVID-19 include:

  • If your plan is due to expire it will be automatically renewed for another 365 days. This does not prevent you from seeking to change elements of your plan, but is designed to reassure both you and your provider that funding will be ongoing with no gaps.
  • More flexibility around core and capacity building supports.
  • The NDIS has relaxed some of its rules around Assistive Technology, particularly around accessing online/telehealth services. Please speak to your Therapist, Coordinator or Support Coordinator about how you might take advantage of this and make it work around your specific needs. 

The NDIS has a special section on its website where you can find the NDIS approach to Coronavirus and changes to make it easier for participants.

Need some assistance with the changes?

If you need guidance with all of these changes to ensure that you get the best out of your NDIS package you should speak to your Support Coordinator. If you don’t already have a Support Coordinator you can now access this support from Core Supports. Northcott is a registered Support Coordination provider and your Account Manager can link you with a reliable Support Coordinator.