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Social Work

Support for you and your family to cope with daily challenges

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Receive support to deal with daily challenges

Our Social Workers are there to support you and your family. Social Work is available by referral if you speak to your Northcott Therapists for support.

Family Support

Stress Management

Improved Relationships

Support for you and your family

Sometimes people living with a disability and their family members need support to cope with the challenges of daily life.

We can provide the following support

  • Support for families working through a new diagnosis
  • Confidential counselling and support for children and families
  • Facilitating peer support and networking
  • Consultation with other service providers
  • Accessing community resources

Confidential Counselling

We provide access to confidential counselling and support for children and families in a number of areas. These areas include adjustment and change, loss and grief, self-esteem, stress management and coping strategies, parenting strategies, relationship issues.

Facilitating peer support and networking

Peer support is when people provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical support to one other.

Accessing Community Resources

Our social workers can help access community supports and resources that can assist you and your family. This might be anything from finding support groups and other groups within your community who have had similar experiences to your own or finding a playground to suit the needs of your child. Whatever it is you need, we’ll support you.

Support for Early Childhood

Northcott Social Workers can support the whole family that cares for a child with a disability. If your child is under seven years of age, social work support is available under the NDIS Early Childhood approach. At Northcott, this can include:

  • Quarterly phone calls/emails/in-centre sessions to support the wellbeing of the family
  • Linking with key stakeholders in the local region including facilitation of referrals to other community and government services
  • Support in liaising with education, health and other community services
  • Liaison with other members of the Northcott Therapy team to coordinate services and share information
  • Support to access interpreter services and ensuring that all documentation and plans are translated to ensure positive outcomes
  • Support to implement any Positive Behaviour Support Plan recommendations
  • Support to meet the goals of the NDIS plan

Enquire about Social Work (available in Queensland)

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