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Occupational Therapy

Learn the skills you need to build a more independent, fulfilling life

Occupational Therapist holding a ball

How we can empower you to reach your full potential

NDIS occupational therapy builds your capabilities to take part in many of the activities of daily living and gain a rewarding new level of independence.

Start your journey to build the skills and confidence you need to live more independently and get the most out of life. Occupational therapy can empower you to build your independence and perform a wide range of daily tasks at home, at school, in the workplace or out in the community. Our personalised services offer you expert support and care to achieve your goals, whatever they are.

A lot has changed in Charlie. He has become very confident in travel training and now he cooks two to three meals a week

Courtney – Charli’e mother

You may want to learn new skills around the house, like washing, ironing and cleaning. Or take the bus to the shops so you can buy groceries. You might be looking for assistance and resources to confidently take part in school or get a job. Or even join a community group, enjoy a hobby, and make new friends.

Our experienced occupational therapy team will work closely with you, your family, carers, teachers, support workers and employers to achieve the best possible results. We understand your circumstances are unique and everyone works at their own pace. This is why our occupational therapy service is tailored just for you.

Motor skills

Play & Social skills

Self Care

Explore our Occupational Therapy service

We start with an occupational therapy assessment to look at your needs, and then create a plan to achieve your goals. Together we’ll look at your current abilities, build upon your strengths and develop valuable new skills.

Develop a range of practical skills

Build your skillset to open a new world of independent living including: 

  • Self-care skills such as toileting, dressing, showering and daily skills such as preparing food will enable you to tackle your daily routine with ease
  • Improving fine motor skills to make tasks like tying shoelaces, handwriting, and using everyday objects possible
  • Strategies for learning, problem solving and organisational skills to build confidence at school or in the workplace
  • Development of play supports cognition, supports young children to enjoy creative play, and build a satisfying play repertoire
  • Effective social skills are important for people of any age to build meaningful connections, make friends, take turns, and enjoy fulfilling relationships.

Move around different environments

We’ll work with you on mobility goals, so you can enjoy a more independent life and safely participate in daily tasks. This might include assessment, trial and recommendation for equipment – such as specialised seating, wheelchairs, commodes and hoists.   We can also recommend changes to your environment that might help you – from minor changes like rails and ramps, to bathroom and vehicle modifications.

Create effective strategies to use every day

With the right strategies, you’ll be able to master many of the activities of daily living, and manage the way your senses might influence your behaviour. You’ll feel more confident when taking part in activities that matter most to you.  This may be in your own home,  school, the workplace  or as an active member of the community.

Understand how you process information

By understanding how you process different sensory information – such as sound, touch, sight, taste and smell – you can learn useful strategies to manage sensory sensitivities in a variety of settings.

Get more time and support to achieve your goals

You can achieve your goals faster by working with an Allied Health Assistant (AHA). An AHA works under the guidance of your occupational therapist, supporting the program your therapist has created for you. The affordability of an AHA gives you more time to work on your goals. Our AHA’s are either qualified with a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistant, studying their undergraduate degree to become Allied Health Professionals, or both.

NDIS Funding for Occupational Therapy

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
    • Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living
  • Private fee payment
  • Medicare Rebate with a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP)
  • Private Health Insurance

Enquire about Occupational Therapy

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Accessibility and Inclusivity

We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.

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