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By Kate Reid, 26 July 2018 , Comments

Northcott’s Outside of School Hours Care (OSHC) is not your typical child minding service. Offering the opportunity for kids with disability to have fun, make friends and develop the skills they need to build healthy relationships, the service is designed to provide individual support to ensure every customer gets the most out of their experience.

Running at Northcott locations across the state during school holidays, OSHC offers a range of fun and educational activities such as music, art and craft, sport, cooking, and community outings.

With support from Northcott OSHC Coordinator Armour Ncube, we learned how Northcott Campbelltown customer Kristy Fan’s life has changed through the support she receives at OSHC.

My name is Kristy and I am 17 years old. I have been attending Outside School Hours Care for almost 5 years now. Before I came to the program I was very anxious and often found my world very confusing. I could not do the things I had always wanted to do, or make friends. I wanted to participate in the community, but I did not know how. Northcott ‘saw’ me, listened to me and gave me an opportunity to unleash my potential. This program offered me the opportunity to make new friends, gain new skills and build my confidence while having fun. I had the opportunity to be part of a small group and had individual support to meet my goals. I had easy access to services, assistance to access mainstream and community activities, and leant new skills around engaging well with others and acquiring skills for life. The program staff members are diverse and they supported me to develop skills, build confidence and independence, improve my social skills and engage with other young people my age.

I have learned to participate in domestic tasks; to play with my peers and to travel on public transport. My family is surprised by what I can do now and how settled I am. I have learned to be patient, to share with others and above all, I learned how to listen to others.

I am now a very happy teenager and my family is delighted by my achievements.

This is what Suzanne Fan, my mother, said about the program: “Thank you for having Kristy in OSHC program. Kristy has the opportunity to participate in a lot of activities. She has the opportunity to access the sensory room which she loves. She really enjoys swimming, cooking and travel training. She has developed independence and understands acceptable social behaviour from participation in this program. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to access the community safely.”

For more information about Northcott’s Out of School Hours Care service, call our Customer Service team on 1800 818 286.

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