Why I choose Northcott

By Christina Trajceski, 24 September 2018 , Comments

I started attending Northcott as a taster in late 2016 when I graduated high school after finishing Year 12. The next year I finally decided to give it a go, so I signed up and it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

What I like most about Northcott is the new friendships I have made. I certainly loved the overnight stay in Sydney when we went to Madame Tussauds and I loved posing with all the wax figures of all my favourite celebrities, especially Brad Pitt.

On Mondays we do cooking and make the most wonderful food you could ever taste with Vanessa our expert cook. On Thursdays we get fit in the gym, building up our muscles and getting stronger.

The staff have been very supportive of me. They have assisted me to sign up for TAFE courses, they supported me get through the work and the challenging assignments, and they have enabled me to get driving lessons, which is something I’ve always wanted to do ever since I first got my learner license. They have also assisted me to apply for some jobs, making me a great resume and cover letter, and I even got a job interview out of it which was amazing! They have also supported me in travel training on the bus. In the past I would never even be seen on the bus, but now I find the bus trip really enjoyable. I put on some catchy music while I enjoy the beautiful blue lake and the other beautiful views.

One of the best friends I’ve made at Northcott is Kaila; we have a lot in common. We are both writers and we like painting and colouring in to get our creative side on. We also like the same movies and share a passion for singing. She sings better than me and I think she is really talented. My friends at Northcott never fail to provide me with a good laugh and they always help me when I’m having a down day.   

I have also learned how to cook, something I would really need to learn if I ever do move out of home someday. I have also learned to cook mince and chicken, but we are yet to learn how to do roast potatoes – something I really want to learn how to do for myself.

Overall the Northcott experience has been great and I wouldn’t trade it for any other provider at all.

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