Western Sydney Wanderers Powerchair Football team welcome new recruit

By Ben Keyte, 10 June 2016 , Comments

A participant from Northcott’s Parramatta Transition to Work group has joined forces with the Western Sydney Wanderers Powerchair Team by coming on board as a trainer and assistant for the side.

Granit plays in a NSW Cerebral Palsy Football competition and has a real passion for the world game.

He is a Wanderers Supporter and he came on board after approaching me about my involvement in the sport while we were at Northcott one day.

I asked him to put a paragraph or two together about what he wanted to do so I could show the team.

Then he sent it to me and I showed it to the team at one of our meetings where the team decided to invite Granit to meet up with us all and our coach.

We all got along really well and liked Granit’s passion for the team and sport.

Granit’s role includes attending training sessions, game days and helping the team out with things like retrieving the ball, setting up cones for training and assisting players with drinks during half time.

He has been a good morale booster for us and the support he gives us makes us more confident going into each game.

Granit has been welcomed to the team with open arms and looks forward to contributing to the success of the team.

If you or someone you know wants to get involved with our sport you can by emailing wswpowerchair@gmail.com or visiting our website.


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