Using the NDIS for study and leisure

By Gretta Serov, 11 December 2018 , Comments

For the majority of us the NDIS has some what settled in now. We have our day-to-day lives really mapped out with our great and perfect person-centred supports. So now what? Do we keep going out on daily outings, buying stuff and eating lots just because people are applauding the fact that we are out? Or do we take advantage of these opportunities to get involved in our community, start working towards that vision of ours to study or get full time work and ultimately be as integrated as possible in our mainstream society?

Well, honestly, this has been something that I have had to teach myself for years. Even now I find that I have to keep pushing and reminding myself to use the hours and opportunities that I have wisely and towards my goals, dreams and aspirations.

Recently, this personal goal has meant that I now use these supports as a starting point to complete one particular goal of mine, to develop my very own blog called On Our Own Tracks.

I have now made this blog a part of my day and I have constructed the specific nature of the blog posts around positivity and disability access in the community. Two of the reasons that I have decided to base my blog around these frameworks are that I am able to use the awesome experiences that I have during the day to help others and to tell the inspiring stories that I come across daily while spending time with my family, friends and carers.

Since this has been one of my daily priorities, I feel that I now have another purpose in life as I do not feel like I am just using the services, funding and pension that I receive for my own gain. Another reason that I have absolutely loved doing this is because I have found that my writing has been improving immensely. This has also impacted my results at university, which in turn has grown my confidence in aiming my future career towards becoming a human rights journalist. The third thing about this blog, the aspect that has provided me with the most joy, is that it has allowed me to connect with more parts of my local community as well as the online global community.

So, as you go through your daily life now, with all of the supports that you have, why not start thinking about some of the creative ways you can use your funding and the supports you have. Consider the ways you can use them to meet your desires, improve your abilities and give back to our society.

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