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By Luisa Bustos, 16 December 2016 , Comments

Samantha used to be very shy and lack self-confidence. While she had lots of ideas about what she wanted to achieve, she felt uncertain about her future until she found Northcott.

Support from Northcott gave Samantha the confidence to study at TAFE, undertake work experience and start applying for jobs.

“I was very shy when I first started with Northcott. Although I had lots of different ideas of what I wanted to do, and I’ve always liked to go out and make decisions for myself, I often needed encouragement to do things,” says Samantha, who has spinal muscular atrophy.

Northcott offered one-on-one support tailored to Samantha’s goals and gave her the self-belief she needed to boost her confidence, realise the opportunities available and empower her to make them a reality.  

“Northcott has given me confidence to try new things like applying for jobs and becoming a  better advocate for myself.”

With new-found assurance, Samantha started her own online business as a consultant for Jamberry Nails and in 2016, started working as a receptionist for a healthcare equipment provider. This is her first paid job. Landing this role unleashed greater self belief in Samantha.

Samantha has also discovered a new love of independent travel. With a support worker, she recently visited  Noosa in Queensland to relax and have fun.

“I enjoyed being able to give my mother and sister a break. It was great to know that I could go away without mum. Now I’m planning another short holiday without immediate family support and my goal is to travel to three different places by June next year.

“I’m also working on become more independent in my job. I’m happy that Northcott has enabled me to become more confident in getting what I need and want.”


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