Staff Portal

Welcome to the Staff Portal, the secure digital gateway to web services for employees of Northcott.

To ensure the safekeeping of customer, staff and corporate data, our web services require you to sign in with 2-step verification. Before attempting to login, please make sure you've downloaded the One-time Password app, Google Authenticator

For simple instructions, click here

  1. Download Google Authenticator (don't open it just yet)
  2. Open either Webmail or Nula
  3. Login with your username and password (if prompted, don't save the password)
  4. Look for the 'Secret key' and copy it
  5. Open Google Authenticator and follow the on screen prompts
    • iPhone users - select manual entry, type 'Northcott' for account, paste the Secret 'key', then select the 'tick' icon (top right)
    • Android users - enter a setup key, type 'Northcott' for account and paste the 'key'. Key type is 'Time based'. Select Add
  6. Touch the code to copy it and switch back to Webmail or Nula and paste the code (if prompted, don't save the password)
  7. Now follow the prompts on your screen

Trouble logging in? Try these troubleshooting tips before you contact the IT team for help

  1. Check your connection. Digital services will not work unless you are connected to the internet via your mobile network or wi-fi.
  2. Download and open the One-time Password app, Google Authenticator. Each code expires after 30 seconds, so make sure you're using a valid code.
    • Get the One-time Password app, Google Authenticator for Apple iOS devices here
    • Get the One-time Password app, Google Authenticator for Android devices here

Citrix Desktop2019 upgrade

Have you received an email about upgrading to Citrix Desktop2019?

You will need to follow the instructions to add the Desktop2019 app to your Citrix Workspace. Choose the instructions that are right for you depending on whether you are using an Apple Macbook or a Microsoft Windows PC.

Download the instructions for Apple MacBook

Download the instructions for Microsoft Windows PC

Your Citrix Desktop needs to be closed when you make the changes, so we recommend printing or saving the PDF instructions for easy reference. You can also open this email outside of Citrix.

You can also watch a video demonstration of how to upgrade to Desktop2019.