In-Home and Community Supports during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Northcott believes people with disability should be able to choose where they live.

During the current pandemic, we are committed to continuing to support customers to live independently in their own home. But we need to take extra steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of both customers and staff.

So before your Support Worker visits you at home, they will be asking you a few simple health questions. They will probably call you on the phone beforehand, but may also ask you some questions at the front door before they come in.

Your Support Worker will ask you whether you have recently travelled overseas, whether you have been in contact with someone who has Coronavirus, and whether you have any particular flu-like symptoms. If you share a home with other people, he or she will also ask you if anyone in the home is self-isolating.

There are no right or wrong answers to the health screening questions.  Our interest is only to do everything we can to ensure that both our customers and staff remain safe and healthy. This also means that our staff are not transmitting illnesses through the community as they go from appointment to appointment.

We know that many of our customers receiving support at home also receive other Northcott services. These may include learning new skills or taking up new hobbies that require them to leave their own home and visit other places. We respect every individual customer’s choice to participate in their usual activities as much as possible and we will assess these activities to ensure that they meet the current guidelines around social distancing, non-sharing of food, utensils, equipment and personal items.

In addition to this, all Northcott staff are also now being required to complete a compulsory training program on infection control.