Our roaming CEO

By Madeleine Donkin, 6 June 2017 , Comments

Ever wondered what a month in the life of Northcott CEO, Kerry Stubbs entails? Here’s a short introduction.

Kerry is rarely sitting in the Parramatta office behind her desk attending to emails. “Thank goodness for that!” She says. While actioning emails are absolutely a necessity for her, more often than not, she does this ‘on the run’ on her ipad in between attending a variety of meetings or events in Parramatta, at other Northcott locations, in airport lounges awaiting flights, in hotel rooms interstate or simply late at night at home.

So what does her daily schedule look like? In the month of May, Kerry jet-setted around the state and beyond from Wollongong to Sydney, Coffs Harbour with a short trip south to Ballina, down to the Nation’s capital in Canberra, back to Northcott central office in Parramatta, off to Adelaide and finished on the Gold Coast. Phew!

Don’t be mistaken, however. Her visits to these towns have little to do with enjoying the local tourist highlights like the Big Banana or Big Prawn. A sample of the type of commitments she attends to includes:

  • Northcott office openings
  • Staff presentations or Question and Answer forums
  • Northcott Executive, Board and Board Sub Committee meetings or Board meetings for external organisations for which she is a Chairperson or Board member
  • Exploring collaborative partnerships with external individuals or organisations
  • Internal meetings for project/strategy workshops or staff ‘Work in Progress’ (WIP) meetings with her direct reports
  • Community Fundraiser presentations or proposals

Life is certainly never dull and Kerry is time poor. She enjoys having information delivered succinctly where her required is input clearly outlined. This allows her to assess the information and make decisions in a timely manner.

However, while Kerry is extremely busy, her ‘door’ is always open to customer and staff feedback. Her commitment to people with disability, first and foremost, is her priority, closely followed by her commitment to Northcott staff. With these two groups as her focus, only then can Northcott continue to empower customers with confidence, choice and opportunity so they can live the life they choose.


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