Our customer Cathy’s memories of a special trip to Sydney

By Cathy McCormick, 3 May 2018 , Comments

Wagga Wagga-based Northcott customer, Cathy, loves spending time with her family. Sometimes her daughter comes to stay with her at Northcott’s supported accommodation service in Lake Haven. On other occasions, Cathy has been assisted to take a trip away from home for Christmas or other family occasions.

A trip to Sydney early in 2017 was extra special. With Northcott’s support, Cathy was able to celebrate the 21st birthday of her daughter Eilish and enjoy some precious mother-daughter time together.

In this story, Cathy shares her experience of staying in Northcott’s respite house where she felt comfortable catching up with her daughter and other family members for some quality time together.

“Northcott supported me to go to Sydney to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday in May 2017. It was after her birthday but we had one-on-one time. I was “Mum” for those few days and I tell you what – it was nice!

One of the best experiences of those few days was lying in bed with my daughter and watching TV.  That’s what we always used to do before my aneurysm. I also got to meet my daughter’s boyfriend…I am still unsure if I approve.

I didn’t want to do much [on this visit]. I just wanted to see my daughter and Northcott supported this.

Northcott involved my daughter in the planning to see if there was anything they could organise that she wanted to do with me.

It was great staying in a place which Northcott owns, as it had everything to support my care needs and nothing was difficult. Sometimes it is quite difficult for people with disability, like me, to get about in the community.

It was amazing going to the zoo with my daughter and catching up with some other family in Sydney. I would like to have a meerkat as a pet. 

The support staff were great. They gave me and my daughter lots of one-on-one time but were always there in the background if I needed them.

I always thought it would be too hard for me to attend family activities in a wheelchair. Now it’s great knowing that if I want to do something I am supported to do it and have choice and control. I look forward to many more family events now.”

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