New Northcott office in Albury offers therapy services

By Luisa Bustos, 15 February 2018 , Comments

When Northcott staff and customers in the Riverina area came together today for the official opening of our new office in the heart of Albury, we took the opportunity to introduce our locally-based therapists to the community.

With almost 90 years as a disability services provider, Northcott has had a long history in delivering therapy services to children and adults with disability across New South Wales and the ACT. This expertise is now available to people with disability living in and around Albury, with dedicated therapy staff working from Northcott’s new Albury office.

“Northcott has been in the field of therapy for a long time, but it was the missing piece of our puzzle in the Riverina region,” says Dr Nadine Milgate, Northcott’s Service Manager for Albury and Wagga Wagga.

“Behaviour support, occupational therapy and speech therapy are seen as key growth areas, and with the acquisition of new supported living accommodation services in Albury [through the NSW Government’s transfer project], there’s an additional need.

“In Wagga Wagga, we recently began to offer Therapy. As well as Everyday Life Skills, Outside of School Hours Care, Short Breaks and Outings, Accommodation and In Home and Community Support but we didn’t deliver therapy in Albury. We looked at the range of services that are already available on the Border and therapy stood out as area where our expertise could add value.”

Customers of all ages and with a range of disabilities can benefit from therapy intervention to improve communication, fine motor skills, daily living skills, behaviour, mobility and strength. Jessica is a young Northcott customer with Down Syndrome who has shown improvement since receiving speech and occupational therapy support from Northcott. Jessica’s dad Martin says he started noticing improvements in Jessica’s speech, confidence and independence after Northcott therapists became working with his daughter.

“The therapists have been going to Jessica’s school, coming to the house and getting her to talk a lot better. She is using a lot more words and expressing herself a lot better,” he says.

“Northcott has also shown me what they do with her at school to get her talking and they are teaching her about personal hygiene and personal care. She’s come a long way. It’s good to hear Jessica talking and starting to express herself. She knows words now that she never used to know so I’m extremely happy with Northcott.”

Northcott’s Albury Therapy Team currently has no waiting lists and no referral or diagnosis is required to access our services. We can support you in our office, at your home, in schools and in the community, depending on your therapy goals. Northcott is a Registered NDIS provider and accepts Medicare-funded services and private health insurance.

Meet the team

Courtney Graeber is an occupational therapist with experience in working with people to develop daily living skills, increase community participation. She also has experience in prescribing equipment and technology that can assist people with disability to achieve their goals. Courtney is available Mondays to Fridays from the Albury office and can deliver occupational therapy services in schools, homes, the Northcott office or the community.

Phillipa Gardiner is a speech pathologist with experience across community, school and healthcare settings. Her most recent position was at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, working with children with cleft palate conditions and hearing loss.  Phillipa also has experience working with individuals with disability and is trained in multi modal communication options including Auslan (sign language), visual supports, and alternative communication options. Phillipa works Mondays to Fridays and can conduct therapy sessions at school, in your home, at the Northcott office or in the community.

Office location and contact details

Northcott Albury
Suite 2A, 530-540, Swift Street
Albury NSW 2640
Ph: 1800 818 286


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