Make a splash at Northcott’s swimming carnivals

By Kate Reid, 26 February 2018 , Comments

As summer starts winding down there’s still time to make a splash at Northcott’s annual swimming carnivals.

These carnivals give students from across Greater Sydney the chance to make new friends while competing in races against other kids with disability.

Students can represent their school in races that range from 12m to 100m, while also getting involved in a host of fun novelty events.

This year our Primary School Swimming Carnival will be held on Wednesday 14 March and our High School Swimming Carnival on Wednesday 21 March at Ryde Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

To find out more about our upcoming swimming carnivals visit our Events page.

To see what a day at a Northcott carnival is like, check out Charlotte’s experience at one of our athletics carnivals.


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