When the Japanese Prime Minister’s Wife dropped in for tea

By By Claire Absolum, 16 January 2017 , Comments

Although that headline may have made you make a double take, that’s exactly what happened at our Roselands Respite Centre in January! The very charming Mrs Abe, wife of the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, dropped in with her entourage her to meet with Northcott CEO Kerry Stubbs and our customers and staff to find out about disability services in Australia.

Mrs Abe has been accompanying her husband on an official visit to Australia where Mr Abe and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have been holding talks to strengthen trade and security ties within the region.

During her visit, Northcott Area Manager Anthony Coniglio gave Mrs Abe a tour around the Respite Centre and invited her to take part in pizza making and herb planting activities with our customers.  Mrs Abe showed great gusto in her efforts with these and demonstrated how handy she is in both the kitchen and garden.

After exchanging gifts and presenting Mrs Abe with a calendar featuring the artwork of our Life Skills customers, which she took great interest in, Mrs Abe and her group departed for another engagement.

Thank you for visiting us Mrs Abe, please come again soon!


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