I went on my first holiday alone at 25

By Sevinc MacCue, 1 September 2016 , Comments

I went 15 years without seeing my father.

My parents separated when I was very young and I guess I didn’t know anything different.

I did see him a few times when I was still a child but eventually I stopped seeing him or having any contact with him.

I had wanted to see my dad for the past 10 years and earlier this year I did when I travelled to Cairns to see him.

The Cairns trip was a wonderful experience, not only because I was reunited with my Dad, but also because I was reunited with my Dad’s family who I hadn’t seen since I was very young.

The best part however, was that I was able to go away on my own – with a support worker, of course.

Sevinc MacCue in her hotel room in Cairns

This was the first time I went away without my mum.

Planning the fun part of the trip was easy enough.

The main challenge was trying to find the funding, because I require 24 hour support. But Northcott and Just Better Care helped me out.

When I was in Cairns, I spent time with my cousin pretty much every night that I was there.

I saw my whole family and I was able to have a few drinks every night. I even got to have a drink with my Dad for the first time as an adult, which was pretty cool.

I would encourage anyone to go away with a support worker if you want to.

It’s always possible, nothing is impossible with a good plan in place.

My next goal is to go back to Cairns and also visit Brisbane to see my other cousin.



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