How to plan the ultimate ski trip

By Kate Reid, 19 June 2018 , Comments

Winter is upon us once again, which means the Snowy Mountains will soon be blanketed in white just in time for another NSW ski season.

Whether you’ve hit the slopes before, or are planning your first trip, we’ve put together some tips to help you embrace your inner snow bunny this winter.

Planning your trip

Disabled Wintersport is an amazing organisation that supports people with disability to get involved in winter sport and they should be the first point of call if you’re organising a trip to the snow. Their website offers all the information you need to ensure you’re ready to hit the slopes.

Adaptive instructors and adaptive equipment is limited at each of the major resorts, so the earlier you plan the better. Lessons should be booked in advance and it’s important to be honest about the level of support you require to ensure you stay safe during your time on the snow.

Disabled Wintersport can also assist with accessible accommodation recommendations.

If you’re new to the snow and want to ease into things, Northcott Recreation Coordinator Keira Watkins recommends checking out Corin Forest in Canberra, which offers Snow Play sessions. This is a great introduction for beginners, and, if travelling from Sydney, is easier to get to than the major ski resorts.

Organise your supports

Along with planning, you’ll also need to decide what support you will require during the trip. If you require a support worker or carer, a companion card will allow them free access into NSW national parks.

For those that are non verbal, or have limited communication, attaching a mini laminated communication card to your ski jacket will help with communication while on the slopes.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Now that you’ve got the big items organised it’s time to think about the smaller details. When it comes to ski attire it’s important to rug up, but keep in mind that the weather can change quickly and it’s easy to work up a sweat on the slopes. Layering clothes (e.g. think thermals, jumpers and ski jackets) is the best approach as you can easily remove items if you get too hot. To keep your hands toasty warm during those epic snowball fights, try using mittens instead of gloves, as they are easier to get on and off.

Winter may seem like an okay time to skip the sunscreen, but the glare of the sun off the snow can easily result in embarrassing goggle-shaped sunburn if you’re not careful. Wind burn can also be a concern when out on the snow, so stock up on Chap Stick!

Throw some tissues and snacks in your pocket and you’ll be ready to hit the slopes.

Have fun

Now that all the logistics are taken care of it’s time to have some fun! Get your friends and family together, pop on those skis or snowboard, and be sure to take plenty of snow-time selfies.

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