Helene’s love for art brings many rewards

By Jeanette Duncan, 22 January 2019 , Comments

Northcott customer Helene began her one-on-one art lessons in 2012, when art teacher Debbie would come to the house every week and they would work together in different mediums to create a variety of fantastic artworks.

Helene’s current art teacher Lindy assists Helene to express herself through her art, and is trialling new materials and techniques to broaden Helene’s expression. The sessions are hugely enjoyable for Helene, as she loves the sensory feel of the paint, brushes, wool and clay, which she uses hand over hand with her teacher.

Helene’s favourite medium is painting, as she loves to put her hands in the paint. Even though Helene is non verbal, she is very vocal during her art lessons as her teacher includes bells, chimes and scratching noises. Helene loves these sounds, and laughs so much that she sounds like she is singing.

Making art also gives Helene the opportunity to show her creative works in regular exhibitions and to offer her works for sale. Helene first exhibited her work at the regional Gallery in Griffith in 2012. It was reported that the response to her creativity was fantastic and Helene was a real celebrity with her artistic endeavours. Over the years Helene has had the opportunity to show off her work in her own town of Deniliquin at the ‘International Day of People with a Disability’ art exhibition. The exhibition included a “silent auction” and the proceeds of the art works went back to the artists.

Each Easter Helene joins with the local artistic community setting up a stall to sell their works locally, with many art lovers buying her work. This year Helene also displayed examples of her paintings on the foyer walls of community service provider Intereach in Deniliquin.

Helene makes her own Christmas and birthday cards and gifts for her appreciative family members, like the colourful necklace she made for her mother.

Helene’s interaction and creativity with art has been invaluable and there have been many rewards. These include increased community involvement, enhanced social and cognitive skills, and increased use of motor sensory skills; plus the many beautiful works she can display around her home, share as gifts, and sell to make some money.

But best of all, she’s having fun.

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