Gaining the gift of a ‘green thumb’

By Cameron Chung, 15 December 2016 , Comments

Northcott Life Skills customer, Cameron Chung recently learnt how to garden with the help of Bunnings Warehouse staff members who donated and installed a set of brand new garden beds at Northcott’s Casula office. Afterwards, Cameron took pen to paper and wrote about the experience:

The Bunnings staff members helped us plant vegetables and fruit outside on our balcony. The kinds of vegetables that were planted were: strawberries, capsicums, basils, lettuce and spinaches.

When we planted the vegetables I felt very independent and like I had achieved something useful. During this activity we got the chance to interact and socialise with the group by helping each other. I hope I will be able to use this newly learnt skill in the future.

Planting the vegetables also helped us gain skills in agriculture so we’ll know how to plant these in the future if we need to.

The Bunnings staff also helped us clean and throw away weeds which grew on our balcony. We were also taught how to water the plants and place them under sunlight (but not too much of it, or for too long either). We used our communication skills to get the planting done which helped us improve both our life skills as well as our communication skills.

Apart from planting vegetables, some of the Life Skills customers also decided to build a brand new barbecue for us to use because our previous one was too old. The customers who decided to build the barbecue were also taught how to use the tools as well as how to handle them safely. They also used their communication skills to tell each other where to put each piece.

By the end of the day the staff members from Northcott, Bunnings and the Life Skills customers were all happy with the work they had achieved! To thank the Bunnings staff members, we held a barbecue using the new barbecue. For me, the day was very successful. It was filled with challenges, fun, and learning new skills which I hope to used later on in the future. For those who are thinking of learning to garden, I think you should try it out! It’s very challenging and fun!

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