From staff member to dedicated volunteer

By Luisa Bustos, 21 May 2020 , Comments

This week (18-24 May) is National Volunteers Week. We profile Ron Schwenn and pay tribute to him and all volunteers who assist us to do our work at Northcott. We appreciate every one of you.

When Ron Schwenn (pictured) retired from Northcott’s Payroll department last year after 18 years in the job, he knew he couldn’t completely cut ties with his colleagues. Following in the footsteps of another dedicated former staff member, Ron decided to offer his time and skills to assist in Northcott’s Library, Archives and Records department with Northcott Librarian and Archivist, Judi Lipp.

Six months on since his first day in the Library, Ron says the volunteering experience has been eye-opening, enjoyable and rewarding.

“When I started as a volunteer, I was surprised at how much history, photos and files are held by Northcott,” Ron said.

Ron’s volunteering role consists of assisting Judi with a broad array of tasks, from updating details in Northcott’s customer database to storing and filing records and library items.

“I enjoy the work and I enjoy maintaining a working relationship with Northcott staff. It feels good to have the skills to carry out any duties required of me,” he said. “I complete any duties required by my manager.”

Ron finds it rewarding to be able to give back to Northcott in this way, in return for being given a job back in 2001.

Like all of the volunteers who have worked with Judi over her 23 years at Northcott, Ron’s work and companionship are treasured by our Librarian/Archivist.

“My volunteers are near and dear to me. Without their stalwart service across the years, my service would not survive. They all enrich my life and their endeavours make my role manageable and add value to the service I provide. I know they would tell you that the benefit is two way,” Judi said.

“I trust I regularly express my sincere appreciation to my volunteers for their sterling efforts. It is a truth that the expectations of my role would not be delivered without the tremendous gift of time that has been delivered to me across my 23 years at Northcott.”

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