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Drive 4 Life is an annual four wheel drive (4WD) fundraising event which to date, has raised a staggering $745,000 for Northcott. In particular, funds raised by Drive 4 Life go to Northcott’s Equipment Loan Pool, which provides people in need with wheelchairs and other mobility equipment.

This year the Drive 4 Life 4WD tour will once again tackle the Victorian High Country which is where the initial idea for the group was born. Chris Bates, one of the founding members of Drive4Life explains; “There were a bunch of us sitting around a campfire, and we were bemoaning how the general public viewed four wheel drivers. That they were bush bashers and irresponsible and we thought what can we do to try and change that impression? One way would be to raise significant amounts of money and donate it to a charity”.

To raise money, vehicles participating in the 2017 Drive 4 Life tour are required to donate $1000 to Northcott.

The 2017 Drive 4 Life event will start at 3.30pm on March 19 in Harrietville, Victoria. The tour will end with a dinner at the Snowline Hotel in Harrietville on March 24.

Throughout the five days of the tour, participants will cover 450 to 500km of off-road tracks within an area bounded by Licola in the south, Mt Buller in the west and the Great Alpine Road in the north.

Covering approximately six hours of driving per day, participants are required to have 4x4s up to the task of overcoming challenging terrain.

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