Why bullying is a major problem in today’s society

By Granit Haliti, 6 February 2017 , Comments

Hi my name is Granit.

The reason I am writing to you is to talk about bullying and why I think society treats it too lightly, it just pushes it away due to a lack of understanding and what people go through when they do get bullied. No one will stand in that person’s shoes they think it won’t happen to them but it can happen to anyone.

When I was at high school I had people call me names, I didn’t really care but not all people will react like that. People who are bullied can think “what am I worth, why am I here if that’s what people think of me and that’s how people can treat me”.

Sadly, I don’t think schools are on top of it. School should be a safe environment for kids but unfortunately that’s often not the case.

The teachers don’t do anything. Teachers should suspend bullies, not just give them a detention or get parents involved or call the police if necessary because when teachers don’t do anything the bullying happens again the next day and then it can be worse.

Bullying can cause ANXIETY, people can be isolated and it make people go through hell.

Especially in the teenage years there are more deaths from suicide which can often result from bullying than things like disease and heart attacks etc.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics report from 2015 states that the average number of suicide deaths in Australia per year was 3,027 which is the equivalent of an average of 8 deaths by suicide EVERY day.

If you see anyone getting bullied SPEAK UP don’t pretend that you’re not seeing it because you could be the one that saves them.

Sometimes people are scared that if they speak up they will be bullied too but if you do speak up then others can do the same and then it exposes the bully for who they are.

Sometimes people don’t speak up because they don’t think they’ll be believed or they’re afraid of how people may react to them.

The reason that I think people bully others is to have power, probably they are feeling some emotional pain so they try to transfer that pain to someone else BUT THAT’S NOT AN EXCUSE. Other reasons are to show off and to have control over someone.

Bullying can also happen through cyber bullying which can make it worse as the comment or insult will be there forever, it’s on your phone forever, it’s on Facebook forever and this can happen because you don’t know who the bully is or why they are doing it.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking about bullying to your friends or family think about seeing a counsellor because you never know how counselling may help you.

If you feel distressed or are contemplating suicide there are people who can help – go to: Lifeline – https://www.lifeline.org.au or call ph 13 11 14.

Reachout – http://au.reachout.com/?gclid=CKSykOzwzNECFdQDKgodtWsOpw

Or Headspace – https://www.headspace.org.au – call ph 1800 650 890


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