Ballina receives $15,000 grant

By Emily Newton, 28 November 2018 , Comments

A new multidisciplinary therapy room and outdoor space with sensory features is coming to Northcott Ballina thanks to a $15,000 Community Building Partnership grant.

The project work will create space to undertake occupational, physio and speech therapy assessment, while boosting the community’s capacity to support people with disability to communicate, be mobile and improve their everyday functional capacity for independence and participation.

Northcott Regional Manager Kim Davis said the team at Ballina are thrilled to have been successful in receiving the grant, which will be well used and much loved by local customers.

“Northcott Ballina provides direct support to over 280 people with disability aged between zero and 65-years-old,” she said.

“We are absolutely delighted to have been successful in obtaining a Community Building Partnership funding grant; we know it will make a huge difference to our customers.

“Currently, we deliver skill development programs for young people with disability, early intervention and therapy facilities for children and adults five days a week.

“The project will create an additional multidisciplinary therapy room and upgrade the outdoor area to enhance the facility’s usability, comfort and capacity, ensuring more people with disability have access to a local therapy service and proper sensory support to reset and regulate their emotions in a fit-for-purpose natural environment.”

Member for Ballina Tamara Smith recently announced Northcott’s success in receiving the funding grant through the NSW Government’s 2018 Community Building Partnership Program.

“I am very pleased that Northcott Ballina has received this grant to create a new multidisciplinary therapy room and outdoor space with sensory features,” Ms Smith said.

“This grant will assist Northcott to provide therapy and space to support the functional capacity of adults and children with disability.

“It’s wonderful to see the Community Building Partnership funding being used to help benefit a wide range of organisations in our community.”

For more information about the NSW Government’s 2018 Community Building Partnership Program, click here.


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