A wheelchair for Latifa

By Mooki Mesic, 1 August 2017 , Comments

Latifa is a 3 year old girl from Afghanistan, she arrived in Australia 1.5 months ago with her mother and sisters (12 year old and 9 year old) to join her father Khadim. Due to the separation, Latifa is particularly attached to Khadim, every morning when he tries to slip out to work, Latifa is already up begging him to stay. However painful the separation, this all washes away when Khadim returns every afternoon and sees the massive smile spread across Latifa’s face.

Latifa cannot walk and has been carried from birth, her family was put in touch with Northcott to see what we could do. Our refugee equipment program matches those in need with refurbished equipment and in Latifa’s case, a stroller was recently donated to the program that was suitable. This is the first time Latifa has been given an adapted stroller that will allow her to be supported in a sitting position and enjoy more freedom of movement.

“In Afghanistan [only] healthy girl can go to school” says Khadim. Soon Latifa’s sisters will be starting school, and for the first time, Hussain  has started to think about Latifa’s future and the possibility that Latifa  may have the same opportunities for an education as her sisters in Australia.

 Many refugees like Latifa, are arriving in Australia with either no equipment at all or equipment unsuitable for their disability. Our Refugee equipment program source unused equipment and refurbish them for newly settled Refugees.

 The demand for such equipment is huge and we are now at a point where existing supplies of equipment are being exhausted. You can help by donating equipment to Northcott, we need manual wheelchairs, shower chairs, commodes and walking frames. Northcott’s refugee equipment program is made possible through the financial support of Multicultural NSW and Parramatta City Council.

 To donate equipment call us on (02) 9890 0950.

 You can also support our Refugee equipment project by donating today.



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