Tales from Two: Mia and Zenna

By Mia Owens, Zenna Purdy and Luisa Bustos, 27 March 2019 , Comments

When our Wollongong customer Mia  (right) first met her support worker, Zenna, neither was sure they would get on. Now the pair spend 25 hours a week together, bonding over coffee, UNO and a special friendship.

Mia: With Northcott I attend the gym three days a week and play a lot of UNO. I have independent free time at the shops, and socialise and hang out with other customers.

I don’t remember if I was excited or nervous when I first met Zenna. We just hung out in Northcott’s Wollongong centre based office, as I was not in a good place.

My first impression was, ‘OMG, I’m stuck with this old bag.’ But now I’m supported by Zenna four days a week.

We go to the gym, play UNO and go to the shops for coffee. Zenna takes me to all of my appointments.

The thing I enjoy most with Zenna is going to Kiama and getting coffee.

I hoping Zenna is going to support me again in 2019.

Zenna: At my first shift with Mia I thought she was an out-of-control young lady, who was angry with the world.

Now Mia and I have a very unique relationship. Our respect for each other is enormous. I’m also lucky to have a great, professional relationship with Mia’s family.

Mia has grown so much over the past years, due to the way I reason with her. She can be very rude sometimes. But, with direction, she will always apologise.

She’s a vibrant, young lady, who needs reassurance that she can do anything she puts her mind to. She can also be very cheeky.

I enjoy the challenge of seeing Mia change from an angry young lady, into a calm, relaxed, caring young lady. Since I started supporting her, she has become much calmer, more tolerant to others and has once again has given up smoking.

One of the most memorable days with Mia for me was the day Mia took six steps unaided at the gym.

This year, I’d like to see Mia spend more time with other customers, go out on group girl days, and even have a trip to Sydney overnight.

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