Tales from Two: Richard and Duncan

By Richard Anderson, Duncan McMaster and Luisa Bustos, 22 March 2019 , Comments

Our Tamworth support worker Duncan (right) has worked with Richard since May last year, supporting him to move into supported accommodation with Northcott. The pair loves to have fun. When they’re together, life’s a big party of cooking, going out, watching DVDs and learning new skills.

Richard: When Duncan first came to Northcott I already knew him from him driving taxis. I thought he was a good guy and I was comfortable.

Duncan takes me to heaps of different events. I like to go to movies, concerts and shows. At home, he teaches me things like folding clothes and cooking, and we watch DVDs and YouTube together. I like cooking treats with Duncan and doing my chores. He makes it fun.

This year, with Duncan I’d like to improve on my friendships and relationships. I would like to start up my own bowling team and improve my cooking skills.

Duncan is my mate. He is caring and fun to be around. He is a great guy.

Duncan: I support Richard in most aspects of life, from food shopping and shaving to going down town and cooking. He’s full of life, fun to be around and has a practical joker attitude.

Richard likes to add to his collection of CDs and DVDs. He has so many he could start up a library. He likes to play the guitar and drums and he likes to listen to his music loud! Richard also enjoys challenging people to games of pool at the Northcott Life Skills office and on his arcade machine in the back shed at his house.

Since I started supporting Richard he has become more independent. He has moved out of his parent’s house and into supported living. He has started cooking and making decisions for himself. He has improved his hygiene and is constantly learning new things.

I admire Richard’s outlook on life. He has such a positive attitude. This year, he wants to start up his own bowling team, which I will support him with. He also wants to improve his cooking skills which we’re already working on.

  Richard has made progress on many of his goals in the last year. This year, I’m looking forward to supporting him so he can become even more independent.

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