Tales from Two: Paul and Joanne from Coffs Harbour

By Paul O’Gorman, Joanne Wilson and Luisa Bustos, 5 November 2019 , Comments

Paul has been a customer at Northcott’s Everyday Life Skills program in Coffs Harbour for five years. He loves being creative and is one of program’s most enthusiastic participants of our art group. Northcott’s support worker, Joanne, has worked with Paul for three years. The two have many common interests – including encouraging each other in their artistic pursuits. Just recently Paul moved into Northcott’s first supported independent living house in Coffs Harbour and is loving it!

Paul: Jo is funny, and I get along well with her. She has short hair, smiles a lot, and is loud and funny.

When I spend time with Jo, it is fun. She takes me to the market so I can sell my pebble art. I also like going to Sawtell Beach with Jo to get stones for art group.

I go to Everyday Life Skills five days a week. My favourite things to do are: taking the rubbish out each day, work experience at the Neighbourhood Centre, jewellery making, pebble art and Men’s Shed.

I like it when Joanne is my support worker because we have fun and laugh a lot. We make lots of art stuff for me to take home.

This year, I would like to sell all of our pebble art and earrings at the markets.

Jo: Paul is strong-willed and stubborn, but a very loveable character. He has a good heart and likes to help out around our Everyday Life Skills program.

I’ve been supporting Paul for three years. I work with him three times a week, mainly supporting him in our art group – Make and Create.

Paul and I enjoy collecting pebbles, creating artwork and talking about gardens and plants.

Since I’ve been working with Paul, I noticed he has become more social and interactive with staff and his peers. He is able to participate in a wider range of activities where he is making items to take home or sell at our market stall.

This year, our goal is to continue our market stall and to assist Paul with activities that he likes to maintain his happiness.

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