Northcott Innovation

Northcott Innovation (NI) is a subsidiary of Northcott that enables the co-creation of solutions to support people with disabilities to live as equals in their community.


To build an inclusive society where people can live the life they choose.

What we do

Northcott Innovation creates new and unexpected solutions for people with disability. We spark ideas that drive all of us towards a more inclusive society.

Our story

We know people with disability continue to face barriers to fully participating in their communities and living as equal citizens. This is why our main goals are to:

  • increase inclusivity
  • maximise participation and
  • expand opportunities to everyone in our society.

We believe we are all responsible for this change but to succeed, we need to have a different approach.

What makes us different?

  • We believe achieving inclusion and equity for people with disability is a collective responsibility, held jointly by the whole community: individuals, organisations, businesses and governments, people with and without disability.
  • We’re all about working across communities to create new and unexpected solutions like Nest, a home matching platform for people with disability. And we bring people together to do this.
  • We want to break accepted practices of the disability sector. We want to disrupt the status quo for people with disability. We do disability differently.
  • At our heart is the philosophy of Design Thinking. Everything we do comes from a deep understanding of the needs of people with a disability.

Northcott Innovation Team

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