Northcott Innovation

Northcott Innovation (NI) explores and creates new and unexpected solutions with people with disability for people with disability. NI spark and foster ideas that drive all of us towards a more inclusive society.

Our story

NI was seeded in 2014, when Northcott dreamt to create a small agile team dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to support people with disability.

All of NI’s work starts by exploring ideas and options with people with disability. NI are unwavering in their search for new ways of doing things and seeking solutions, rather than succumbing to historical barriers and road blocks.

NI’s approach

NI’s alignment to Northcott and their consultative work with other disability service organisations gives them insight to the daily challenges people with disability face. NI’s work is then driven by the desire to hurdle these barriers.

All NI does is founded by their co-design approach, working with people with disability, frontline staff, families and carers to explore, identify and test solutions that make a difference.

NI thrives on challenges others are uncomfortable to tackle, like supporting people with disability to explore and express their sexuality.

NI are always looking for new communities to work alongside and different challenges to tackle. Please contact the NI team to find out more about how they can work alongside you to create a more inclusive society.



Telephone: 0422 365 354