Northcott’s ABC of disability

By Northcott Communications, 5 February 2018 , Comments

Learn more about Northcott and disability with our ABC guide! Download a colourful version of the guide here.

A is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI): Around 8% of Northcott’s customers identify as ATSI  .

B is for Building skills: Learn new skills with us and gain independence.

C is for Choice and Control: The NDIS gives people with disability more choice and control.

D is for Determination: Everything we do is to support our customers to reach their potential.

E is for Early intervention: Our Early Links Program is crucial for families seeking support for a child’s development.

F is for Funding: Are you maximising your NDIS funding? Call us on 1800 818 286 to discuss your plan.

G is for Goal: Setting goals is crucial in the NDIS – what are your 2018 goals?

H is for Housing: Northcott offers a range of disability housing options.

I is for Inclusion: Our purpose is to build an inclusive society for all.

J is for Job: Northcott’s Employment Service can support you to be job ready.

K is for Knowledge: We understand the NDIS – see our guide.

L is for Let’s see what you can do: We work with customers to realise their potential.

M is for Myplace: The NDIS participant portal.

N is for NDIS: Check out our FAQs if you’re still learning about the NDIS.

O is for Outcomes: We support our customers to achieve positive outcomes, whatever they may be.

P is for Plan: Our support coordinators can help you plan for the future.

Q is for Quality services: We offer person-centred, high-quality disability services.

R is for Reasonable and necessary supports: NDIS terminology for the services and supports that will be funded under the NDIS.

S is for Sexuality services: We support adults with disability to understand and explore sexuality and relationships.

T is for Therapy: Our multi-disciplinary therapy team supports kids and adults with disability.

U is for Understanding: We have close to 90 years of experience in disability, are trusted and respected.

V is for Vocational skills: Learn skills to get a job or find a career path with us!

W is for Wheelchair: We repair and maintain wheelchairs or other mobility equipment.

X is for eXciting events: We organise activities and events for kids and adults with disability to get out and about in the community.

Y is for Youth programs: We run targeted programs for teenagers and young people with disability to make friends and have fun.

Z is for Zero tolerance: Our policies and practices safeguard the rights of children and adults with disability we support and their families and carers.


Let's see what you can do.

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