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Jul 17, 2023

Wilmot loves being a Support Worker for Northcott

Life Skills News

Wilmot is a Support Worker for Northcott and he says “I love being a support worker. I love caring for people. I just love to be engaged with people. I want know how they feel, how they are doing. I just want to support them. That’s my passion, that’s what I love doing.”

Wilmot came to Australia three years ago from Liberia, on the West African coast. He started at Northcott as a support worker around two years ago after working in a nursing home. An enthusiastic team member, Wilmot can always be found with a smile on his face, making sure his customers are comfortable, safe and happy.

“I grew up living with my mum who was always caring for other people. I decided that when I grew older I wanted to care for people too because that’s what I love to do,” he explains.

Regardless of where he is working, however, Wilmot always takes the same approach to his work.

The most important thing to remember when you are a support worker is that you need to focus firstly on the people you care for. You should put them first; make sure they have the best care; their place should be clean; you should talk to them, encourage them and have fun with them. You should make them part of you – that’s why I love being a support worker.


“At the start of a shift, I talk to my customer to make sure they are happy. I want to know how they are feeling. I want to make them smile. Engaging with my customer is very important to me. If I don’t talk to them, or if I don’t have an interaction with them, I don’t feel good. When they are smiling or they are happy, that makes me happy too, because I want them to be happy.”

At Parramatta’s Everyday Life Skills program, Wilmot often supports Daniel to enjoy his time with the group. This involves chatting to Daniel about what he’s been doing, his plans and what he likes to do. Wilmot also supports Daniel with painting, gardening and eating his lunch – whatever Daniel needs support to do.

“So as a support worker, you need to get engaged with your customer. You can’t allow your customer to sit there doing nothing. You have to inspire them. You have to encourage them. You have to talk to them. You have to do something that will make them to smile every day.”

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