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Jul 11, 2023

Tales from Two: Guy and Laurie from Taree get fit


Guy began attending our Taree Everyday Life Skills day program back in 2014. Not long after, support worker Laurie started working with him. Passionate about supporting his customers to maintain their independence while having fun, Laurie has supported Guy in a range of activities, including regular gym visits aimed at building his physical strength, health and fitness. Over the five years of working together, the two larrikins have become ten pin bowling buddies, gym junkies and the firmest of friends.


I was already attending Northcott when Laurie first started working there. I remember being at the gym when he was introduced to me for the first time. I was feeling really good at the time and was not nervous at all. I thought of Laurie as just a new support worker, nothing flash but nothing bad.

Laurie is fun to work with and I really enjoy everything I do with him. He is definitely a larrikin and really funny.

Laurie is fun to work with and I really enjoy everything I do with him. He is definitely a larrikin and really funny


When Laurie used to work Wednesdays we did ten pin bowling together. He taught me how to improve my techniques and I reckon I’ve doubled my bowling scores from when I first started bowling with him to now.

I also love going fishing with Laurie. He taught me the skills I need to jig for bait. Now I do the jigging for the fishing group at Taree Life Skills. On Friday afternoons I do karaoke with Laurie which I always enjoy. I also like going to the gym and working out with Laurie. With his support, I’m proud of recently achieving leg presses!

I think Laurie’s best quality is that he likes a laugh…oh and his dancing with a mop!

Laurie has enabled me to learn about using weights at the gym which has changed my life.


Guy was quite reserved when I first met him at Northcott – a bit like a shy boy who has become a man since I have known him. He once told me he felt like he didn’t learn much at school and coming to Northcott has completely changed his life for the better. He has often said to me: “You know Laurie, I’m really glad I came to Northcott”.

My favourite thing to do with Guy is definitely going to the gym. Guy wants to help himself. I feel passionate about the progress I support all of our customers to achieve at the gym, but I’m especially passionate about the progress Guy has made over the years. Due to his disability, Guy had limited dexterity in his left arm when I met him. Over about two years, he has worked with me to rectify this and he can now box harder with his left arm than his right. I’m really proud of this achievement for him.

There are lots of other things I’m proud of for Guy. When he first started bowling he used the ramp and gutter guards and he was just happy that the ball made it to the pins. Over the years he has worked really hard to develop his technique so he no longer uses the ramp and achieves an admirable score unassisted.

Guy doesn’t just work out at the gym; he is actually Power Lifting now which takes determination and hard work.

I think everyone should know that Guy is a really hard worker. He looks forward to what he can achieve over one year, two years and so on. He is always striving to achieve the goals he sets himself and doesn’t look back. He doesn’t let a plateau in his progress stop him. He is right back at achieving his goal the next week


Guy is someone who can’t wait to say hello to you when he arrives at Northcott. He will go out of his way to say hello to everyone by name. He is a real gentleman with a bright personality. He loves a laugh and a joke. He often has something funny to say no matter what the situation.

I could talk about Guy for hours. I regard him as a friend.

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