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Jun 26, 2023

Learn about Northcott’s ABC of disability


Learn more about Northcott and disability with our ABC guide! Download a colourful version of the guide here.

A is Access and Inclusion: Northcott’s purpose is to build an inclusive society for all, where everyone can live the life they choose and access and understand what they want.

B is for Brave: This is one of Northcott’s core values – we have the courage to stand up for people with all abilities even in the face of adversity.

C is for Communication Accessibility: This means making sure everyone can understand messages and information from your organisation or service.

D is for DiversityNorthcott strives to be a diverse and inclusive workplace. Around 10% of staff identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, while 11% are from a culturally and linguistically diverse background. Northcott is committed to working towards reconciliation. The Northcott Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan 2020-23 guides our activities to achieve this.

E is for Early Childhood approach: We work with families and carers of children aged 0-6 years to support children to develop the skills they need to take part in daily activities and achieve the best possible outcomes throughout their lives.

F is for Funding: Are you maximising your NDIS funding? Call us on 1800 818 286 to discuss your plan.

G is for Goal: Setting goals is crucial in the NDIS – what are your 2021 goals?

H is for Housing: Northcott offers a range of disability housing options.

I is for Innovative: This is one of Northcott’s values – we develop new ideas and solutions with creativity in anticipation of changing needs.

J is for Job-ready: Northcott’s Vocational Skills service supports young people with disability to become work ready, gain work experience, and explore volunteer opportunities.

K is for Knowledge: Northcott staff are knowledgeable and understand the NDIS.

L is for Locations: Northcott provides services in locations across NSW and the ACT.

M is for Myplace: This is the NDIS participant portal.

N is for NDIS: The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the Australian Government scheme that funds the cost of services and supports for children and adults with disability. Check out our FAQs if you’re still learning about the NDIS.

O is for Orthotics and Custom Footwear: Northcott provides a range of custom orthotics and footwear solutions to support the mobility needs of children and adults with disability.

P is for Plan: Northcott Support Coordinators can help you plan for the future and get the NDIS funding you need.

Q is for Quality and Safeguarding: Northcott has a team dedicated to improving the quality and safety of our services.

R is for Respectful: This is one of Northcott’s values – we believe that everyone’s voice is unique and that they have the right to be heard.

S is for Sexuality and Relationship Education service: We support adults with disability to understand and explore sexuality and relationships.

T is for Therapy: Our multi-disciplinary therapy team supports children and adults with disability.

U is for Understanding: We have more than 90 years’ experience in disability, and we are trusted and respected.

V is for eVeryday Life Skills service: We support people with disability to learn practical skills and build their confidence and independence so they can reach their potential.

W is for Support Worker: We have a large team of support workers who directly support children and adults with disability to achieve their goals and live the life they choose.

X is for eXciting events and activities: We organise activities and outings for children and adults with disability to get out in the community.

Y is for Youth programs: We run targeted programs for teenagers and young people with disability to make friends and have fun.

Z is for Zero tolerance: Our policies and practices safeguard the rights of the children and adults with disability we support and their families and carers.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.

Read more about our commitment to reconciliation

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