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Jul 04, 2023

Kayla's challenging and exciting journey of moving out of home

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“I couldn’t really imagine how it was going to be until it really happened. My mum and I never thought I was going to move out; it was hard to think about it. It took long because we weren’t ready for it.”

Ready to make the move

But time went on and Kayla was ready to make the big move. Although the COVID-19 pandemic presented some hurdles, she could finally move in October 2021. “It was hard to separate from mum, but she came to visit me every day the first week,” says Kayla.

Two months on, Kayla is starting to feel at home. “I love the place here. I’m going out more, I get to plan to go out whenever I want. My support workers and housemates are like family to me.”

What Kayla is up to now

Kayla is now living with Marina and Brendan, and a new housemate will soon move in.

We all do our own thing, and sometimes we go out together. What I most love about living here is that I have more independence and space. It’s great to have my own room!


Kayla is also getting to know her housemate Marina better and they are becoming friends. “I celebrated her birthday with her. I love doing crafts and I said to Marina that we can do some craft together if she wants to.”

One of the things that Kayla misses is her pets. Back at her previous home, there’s a German Shepard dog and a cat. “It’s great that we are setting up here to have a fish tank, so I can have some pets.”

As she found it difficult to take the big step, we asked Kayla what she would say to people that are thinking about doing the same: “It will take some time and it’s hard. Make sure your heart is ready. You can do it, make sure you are fully ready to do it. It’s a big step, but you are ready for it.”

Talking about her next big goals, Kayla mentions that the increased independence she has living in this house will allow her to achieve certain goals in the future. “I love singing and I’ve been taking singing lessons for a while. I love singing ballads and I also like pop and country music. I’d love to sing at nursing homes, hospitals or schools to inspire inclusion; communicating that you can follow your dream, no matter who you are. It makes me happy to be able to do something and have these plans for the future.”

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