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May 15, 2024

Crafting dreams: Jamie's journey from passion to business

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Jamie is a resident living in Northcott housing in Parramatta who is embracing life with a unique perspective. Despite facing challenges, Jamie has pursued his passion of becoming a businessman, selling his creative textiles and crafts.

For many years, Jamie has dedicated his time crafting vibrant and captivating textiles. His creations include a range of carefully designed bags, scarves, and other products that not only showcase his artistic flair but also embody a spirit of positivity and inclusivity.

Making crafts

Jamie says, “I was looking for an activity to keep myself busy, so I started crafting. My mother also encouraged me to make crafts.”

Despite having the desire to start a business, Jamie was unable to work towards his dream.

“I had many challenges. I could not raise the funds required to purchase the materials to produce the goods, there was no NDIS plan at that time, and I had limited support. But everything changed when I moved into my Northcott accommodation. Northcott supported me to pursue my dreams,” says Jamie.

Man in wheelchair holding handmade bag

Northcott staff support Jamie to make his crafts.

Turning crafting into a business

The team at Parramatta have been a constant ally in Jamie’s journey, offering invaluable support in refining his everyday living skills. Through 1:1 support, they have empowered Jamie with the expertise to use sewing equipment to foster his creative endeavours. The team’s commitment is also demonstrated through their flexibility in tailoring their support to meet Jamie’s unique and individual needs and ensuring a holistic and person-centred approach to his care and development.

Northcott staff support me to make my crafts. I also have permanent staff for specific days of the week to help me with sewing and knitting.

“With this help, I have made bags, bunnies, and jewellery. My support coordinator also encouraged me to make business cards,” adds Jamie.

Jamie has sold around 180 of his creative textiles by promoting his products at the places he visits through Northcott and sold over 100 pieces of jewellery products one year at the Campbelltown Fairground with the help of Northcott staff.

Jamie’s hopes for the future

In the future, Jamie hopes to elevate his business to newer heights. Jamie is actively seeking support to establish an online presence. Specifically, Jamie is on the lookout for guidance in building an e-commerce website that will serve as the digital storefront for his unique products. He would also love support to implement strategic marketing initiatives that will increase the visibility of his bags, scarves, and other handmade products.

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