Enjoying a ‘succulent’ hobby

By Staff Writers, 7 September 2021 , Comments

Matt has been living in one of Northcott’s houses in sunny Coffs Harbour for more than two years.

His family are potato farmers, so he has always been around plants and enjoys working with plants very much, especially succulents.

Since moving in to this house, Matt has been working hard to build up a big succulent collection. He got his first succulents from donations, and started propagating them himself. He reckons he now has more than 50!

When asked about which one is his favourite, Matt can’t decide. All of them have a special place in his heart!

Matt is outside in the garden working on maintaining his collection every couple of days.

“It’s good because it gives me something to do. It’s also good to see the new plants grow when I multiply them. Being in the garden makes me happy,” says Matt.

When he has a chance, Matt enjoys giving some of his succulents away as presents. With his support workers, Matt is planning to open a little stall to sell plants. He is looking forward to it!

When asked about some tips for those who are thinking of starting a new hobby, Matt says “Gardening is good for the soul. I recommend everyone to do some gardening.”

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