Driving towards an independent future

By Lisa Clarke, 30 September 2019 , Comments

Lourens is dreaming big. He dreams of travelling the world to help people less fortunate than himself. He dreams to have his own lawn mowing business. And he dreams of independence.

These dreams are all a little closer now he has his driver learner licence.

Lourens recently passed the Driver Knowledge Test, with support from Rachel Bartolo, one of our support workers from Northcott Campbelltown where he attends our Everyday Life Skills program.

“Rachel helped to get the questions right. She was by my side watching the questions I got wrong and helping me figure it out.”

Studying hard for a month, Lourens successfully achieved his goal.

“I studied all the road rules. I learned that using drugs and alcohol is not good for you on the road. Also, 50% of road accidents happen from Fridays until Sundays.”

Now he is working with an instructor to do 120 hours of practice on the road before going for his provisional P1 licence.

“I’ll be able to drive on my own when I get my P plates,” Lourens says.

“It’s been a bit nerve wracking because I have to work on breaking and accelerating, flicking up the indicator left and right, using the roundabout.”

“I’m just looking forward to the future. I feel fantastic and amazing.”

Lourens’ next big goal is to get his lawn mowing business up and running. Having a driver’s licence will help him achieve this.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for so many years. Having my licence is the first step,” Lourens says.

Rachel has been working with small groups of customers at our Everyday Life Skills program in Campbelltown to support them get their licences.

“It’s a really good thing we’ve introduced because they get to learn more about themselves independently as well,” Rachel says.

“There are a few more customers who want to give it a try now that Lourens has been successful in getting his learner licence.”

Lourens’ advice to other people wanting to get their learner licence is: “Don’t be nervous! I know you’ll get there. People fail from time to time, but just keep trying.”

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