Creativity Inc and Northcott join forces: more opportunities for customers

By Luisa Bustos, 4 February 2020 , Comments

Customers and staff from Creativity Incorporated (Creativity Inc) joined the Northcott family late last week. Northcott agreed to acquire Creativity Inc to ensure customers would continue to receive services and supports well into the future.

Based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Creativity Inc has 130 staff members and 250 child and adult customers who access services including In-home and Community Support, Everyday Life Skills day programs, Short Breaks and Outings, Plan Management and Coordination of Supports.

While Northcott has now formally taken over management of the smaller provider, operations and services are continuing as normal for Creativity Inc’s customers and staff.

Northcott’s CEO Kerry Stubbs said: “I’m very excited to welcome Creativity Inc’s customers and staff to the Northcott family. We are delighted to be able to ensure continuity of services for these customers and we are looking forward to working with Creativity Inc’s dedicated staff to provide more opportunities and access to services for the children and adults with disability they support.”

Ms Stubbs said the shared values between Creativity Inc and Northcott – in addition to commonalities in customer base and service approach – were key factors in the decision.

“Joining forces with Creativity Inc also presents an exciting opportunity for Northcott to expand its service offering to Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Creativity Inc is well respected in the area and has built strong relationships and programs in the community,” she said.

“We are thrilled to be able to continue Creativity Inc’s current services, while also being able to offer customers and their families access to new services, such as Therapy and Housing.”

An integration phase which will see the two organisations become one is expected to take 6-12 months. Creativity Inc will continue to trade under its own brand for an interim period.

Andrew Cahill, Day Program Coordinator at Creativity Inc, has worked for the service provider for three years. He is excited to be joining a larger disability organisation.

“For our staff, this means having access to a much broader support network, and having more opportunities to grow and develop skills and experience in disability and care,” he said.

“For our customers, merging with Northcott will open up so many more avenues of services and support for them, as well as give them the stability and confidence that Northcott’s 90 years of experience and expertise brings.”

Creativity Inc is based in Hillsdale and Rosebery and provides the following services for children and adults with disability:

  • In-home and Community Support
  • Everyday Life Skills (through two centre-based day programs)
  • Short Breaks and Outings including recreation/social activities and holiday programs
  • Coordination of Supports and Plan Management



Kerry Stubbs is a former CEO of Northcott (till end of August 2020).


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