Boredom Busters – fun and easy entertainment at home

By Staff Writers, 26 June 2020 , Comments

When the Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions came into place, Northcott Innovation (NI) started looking for ways to provide Northcott housing customers with ideas for some entertainment at home. That’s how Boredom Busters, a series of videos that offer a range of fun and engaging activities using everyday household items, was born.

NI, a subsidiary of Northcott, introduced Boredom Busters in mid April, partnering with our Therapy team. The Boredom Busters videos have supported staff in our homes to have a few extra activity options up their sleeves.

Service Manager, Cheryl Delaney was very impressed with the initiative and promoted them to her staff. “Boredom Busters were a really great entertainment source for our customers during this time. Our customers enjoyed participating in the activities and doing things in their own time.

“I was very impressed with the ideas of the videos – very simple and using items or ingredients that every home has. We had amazing results with a lot of our customers.”

Customer Deborah, who lives in a Doonside home, participated in the activities on a regular basis. “Deborah had the time of her life. She was non-stop laughing when we did these activities.

She did some of the hand stretches from the movement activity and also did some painting which we put on the wall for display. We had to modify the painting activity to suit her but she was so delighted to see the colours all smashed up in her hands. Deborah loved it,” said Service Coordinator, Rutchel Sulit.

You can check out the Boredom Busters video series on Youtube and get some new ideas for entertainment at home!

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