A plane ride to remember

By Northcott customer Ben Fenner, 23 April 2019 , Comments

Last year Tamworth Life Skills customer Ben travelled to our Head Office in Parramatta to talk at our manager’s meeting about the volunteer work he does in his local community. It was Ben’s first time on a plane, and his first time presenting to a group. Ever since the trip, Ben’s been eager to share his experiences.

On Monday 15 October 2018, [Northcott Tamworth staff members] Ashton Gett and Tara Cone picked me up from my house at about 5am. It was pretty early but I didn’t mind. We caught a plane from Tamworth to Sydney.

It was my first time on a plane. I wasn’t nervous, I was excited. We had a good talk and laugh on the plane. The best part was the bumps.

When we got to Sydney, I went to the Parramatta Life Skills program. I met new people and learnt new things. They were cooking lunch. I had a lot of fun.

The manager’s meeting was my first time giving a talk. I talked about my volunteer work. Everyone was nice to me. They said, ‘thank you for your story’.

I volunteer at the hospital and the Cancer Council. What I do at the Cancer Council depends on what jobs they’ve got, such as office work. I’ve also done lots of fundraisers for the Cancer Council and kids with cancer.

At the hospital, I help people get around and I do the newspaper round.

When I was at Head Office I saw some people who used to work here in Tamworth. I talked to them. I also got to meet Lee (Northcott Deputy CEO,) Kerry (Northcott CEO) and John (Northcott State Operations Manager). I had some photos taken with them.

In Sydney, when Ashton and Tara were busy I had one-on-one time with a support worker. The staff member that was with me took me around Parramatta to have a look around. I like Tamworth more than Parramatta.

After my day ended at Northcott, I met up with Tara and Ashton. We went to the motel and relaxed and ordered in dinner. I had a good time in Sydney. I would like to go again and tell my story.

When I came home to Tamworth I was excited to get back and tell my mates about it, and show them the photos.

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