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By Dinethra Nandakoban, 11 January 2019 , Comments

When two members of the same family used the same program from Northcott, we learnt it was more than just a coincidence.

Yardana first began accessing Northcott’s Vocational Skills Training and Employment program in September 2018 for the School Leaver and Employment Support (SLES) service through Northcott’s Casula office. She found Northcott’s skills training much more fun and tailored to her than her previous service provider.

“Yardana is having fun being supported by Northcott,” says her sister Mary. “When she first began with Northcott she said it was better than her previous provider; they are not strict, they are easy going and calm. Northcott also does more activities where she can go out and see other places and people, while getting trained to take transport at the same time, which is really cool.”

Northcott has also been supporting Yardana with TAFE course work as she has been having difficulties with assessments. She’s enrolled in a Certificate III in Commercial Cooking, which is mixed mainstream and with people with disability. When Yardana’s family read through the assignments and realised they were really difficult, the family worked together with Northcott to assist her with them.. “So far she has managed to finish two assignments that were really hard over the past two weeks. Two assignments in two weeks!” says Mary.

Her achievements did not go unnoticed by her family, who were so proud of her accomplishments. So it was only natural to refer Yardana’s father Raed to Northcott too when he decided he needed support finding employment.

“We chose to refer him to Northcott after we had a meeting for my sister and we asked the Northcott support workers if they can also assist people with resumes and cover letters, and to find volunteering or work placement,” said Mary. “When they said yes, we decided our father should also use the same program.”

Raed ended up accessing a different part of the Vocational Skills Training and Employment program, Vocational Skills and Individual support. This part of the program allows customers to focus on specific one-on-one training in a work related skill. Raed, who has a Diploma in accounting, decided he wanted training in finding work experience and how to begin the process to find work.

“At my first meeting my Northcott support worker spent three hours with me teaching me how to make my profile with, write a resume and cover letter,” said Raed. “The following week we looked for work experience and volunteer jobs and organised a police check and working with children check.”

Raed’s daughter Mary said he always wanted to work but he needed guidance through the process.

“Northcott has shown him how to write his resume and teach him skills to look for jobs,” says Mary. “He feels more confident to find work experience now.”

Raed’s commitment to finding work experience has paid off. He was recently successful in finding volunteer work experience, within Northcott’s finance department! It seems this family’s journey with Northcott is far from over.

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