Teen Social Outings and Activities

Our teen social program is designed for teenagers who want to have fun, make friends, increase their social skills and gain confidence.

Spend time with friends

  1. Improved relationships

  2. Social engagement

  3. Decision making

Have fun while making friends and increasing social skills for teens

Try new activities in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Create a fulfilling and satisfying social life

Meeting new people, trying new experiences and learning new skills are some of the things that make life more fun. By taking time out for yourself to socialise with people your own age, you’ll build your confidence, make new friends, and open up your experience of life.

If you’re aged 12 to 17 years, our Recreation & Social Outing service offers a great range of interest-based activities you’ll love. It might be going out to see sporting events, concerts or movies. Or something a little more active like bowling, tennis or swimming. Whatever you’re into, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

We plan our activities at least three months in advance, and we love to get your help in organising all the fun. Maybe you’d like to go bushwalking or play basketball, learn to dance or take an art class. You can let us know what you like so we can make sure we’re offering some of the activities that interest you.

It’s important to take a break from everyday life in a relaxing and supportive environment. With our weekend and school holiday activities, you’ll feel energised and happy, and boost your overall health.

How we can support you with our social skills classes for teens

Apart from the good times you’ll enjoy, our social outings offer a range of benefits including:

Spending time with others and making friends: Build your confidence to meet new people and make friends who enjoy the same things you do. By expanding your social network, you’ll have more opportunities to spend time with people your age, and improve your social skills and sense of wellbeing.

Improved relationships: Learning how to socialise with others will enable you to develop stronger, deeper relationships. You’ll feel comfortable spending time with your peers and enjoying activities together. And when you have an active social life, you’ll bring that sense of satisfaction and joy back into your most important relationships at home.

Decision-making skills: With so many activities to choose from, you’ll need to prioritise your favourites and make decisions that are right for you. When you’re out socialising in different environments you’ll have many opportunities to practice your decision-making skills.

Independent life skills: Actively taking part in a wide range of social situations will build valuable life skills. Communicating and working with others, planning ahead, solving problems, organising tasks and building resilience are all skills that will empower you to live a more independent life.

Getting around: Understand how public transport works and how to access train and bus routes. You’ll feel comfortable and confident getting to and from your chosen activities.

Like to find out more about how our teen social skills programs can support you to achieve your goals? Get in touch with our friendly team today.

Local News

"The last time he went, there were boys there and they got to do boy stuff, so I think that was really healthy for him."

Northcott customer Max's mum Fran


Centre based respite FAQs

What level of supports are provided?

Each location offers different levels of support. All enquires should be forwarded to the coordinator who will assess each individual’s support needs and suitability.

What types of activities are offered?

Each location is different, however there are often outings in the community, as well as in house activities.

Is respite available during the week or only on weekends?

Depending on the location, respite may be offered during the week. Contact the relevant coordinator to find out more.

Can customers attend respite with their friends?

Yes, if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Social experiences FAQs

How old do you have to be to participate in this service?

We offer recreation services for teens (12 to 17 years) and adults (18 years and over).

Is transport included to and from the activities?

Transport is not provided to and from the activities. Customers will make their own way to and from the group meeting point.

What activities do you offer?

We offer clubs and programs designed for a range of age groups and interests. Our social outings give our customers the opportunity to have fun and experience sporting events, concerts, festivals, movies, galleries and museums – just to name a few!

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