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Feb 14, 2024

An evening at Tamworth Community Spring Ball

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The Ball

The event featured a debutante theme and introduced 34 local participants and their partners, promoting increased inclusivity and accessibility within the community.

The program started with the presentation of debutantes and their partners followed by energetic dancing including several Waltz’s to “Now We Are Free”, the “Rainbow Connection”, and ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”. A signature team performance for the debutantes and partners also included the “This is Me” song from the Greatest Showman movie and a line dance flash mob later in the night.

Over 240 people attended the event, and everyone had a fantastic time watching the performances as well as enjoying dancing and music to the tunes of a DJ.

It’s awesome! I am enjoying it thoroughly. It is my first time; I haven’t participated in a ball before. I am wearing a suit, I loved walking in with a cheering audience, the DJ and the music.

Jock, Northcott Customer

Northcott customer Courtney’s mum was thrilled that she and her daughter got the opportunity to dress up and socialise.

“Courtney loves dancing and music. This experience has given Courtney the opportunity to not only have some fun but also meet and interact with more people and become more independent,” said Sandra.

Changing perceptions

The event also aimed at changing perceptions about people with disability.

“Just because they have a disability doesn’t mean that they can’t get to experience an event with dancing and music. They should be entitled to do whatever they want to do. They deserve everything,” added Sandra, Courtney’s mum.

“It is important that we start viewing people with disability as people with ability. This event is the culmination of many people with ability that recently got together as a team and put their head and hearts into creating something incredible. A big congratulations to all the participants,” said Michael, Customer Partner and organiser of the event.

Building skills while having fun

Dance rehearsals for the ball started in August and were held twice a week at the Oxley Bowling Club in Tamworth.

The ball aimed to build several skills for participants like working with others to develop friendships, teamwork, and community connections; develop new independent living and social skills through dance and music, and to create a renewed sense of self-worth with individual and group celebration and fun.

“I have been having loads of fun. I have learnt the Waltz, made new friends but I am most looking forward to dressing up, walking in my suit and the dancing,” said Ben, another Northcott customer during rehearsals.

What a fabulous event it was! Kudos to Michael, Janice and the entire Tamworth team for putting on a spectacular event for our customers and the local community. We know all participants were thrilled to be involved.

Northcott Tamworth

Accessibility and Inclusivity

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