Our Physiotherapy service supports people with disability to:

  • Develop their walking, posture, strength, balance and/or other forms of mobility
  • Become more  independent when engaging in activities
  • Learn more about walkers, orthotics, shoes and other equipment
  • Acquire the equipment they need for mobility or other functions
  • Develop exercise programs and receive advice around sport and recreation activities, including advice and training for carers or support workers to support people with disability to carry out their exercise goals
  • Engage in hydrotherapy (exercise, learn new skills and relieve pain and stiffness in a warm pool)

What we can offer

Our physiotherapists can support our customers in a number of ways:

Individual assessment and advice

We will meet with customers to assess current skills, discuss goals and provide advice on how physiotherapy can support these goals.

Individual skills and support

We can suggest daily activities to assist with skills development, provide information on equipment that will make getting around easier, offer exercise regimes suited to a customer’s needs, and provide advice to support workers and carers on how best they can support a person with disability.

What our customers can expect from us

Personalised service

  • A unique individual plan tailored to your needs and preferences

An integrated approach

  • Our physios work in consultation with the customer, family and other Northcott therapists - including occupational therapists and speech therapists - to assist our customers to achieve their activity goals.

We can also work with customers’ schools, day programs and any activities in the community.  Support is also available for families and customers when attending appointments with medical specialists, as needed.

 When and where this service is available

This service is available Monday to Friday. We provide services at our centres and we can travel to your home, school or community from the following centre locations:

Home, school and community visits will include a travel fee.

Additional funding information

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will use the following terms to describe the funding our customers can use to purchase Physiotherapy services:

  • Improved daily living

Let's see what you can do.