Our Therapy Services support our customers to:

  • Learn everyday skills
  • Be part of their community
  • Understand what others are communicating
  • Communicate with, and be understood by, others
  • Develop social skills and make friends
  • Be more independent
  • Be more comfortable with certain sounds, smells, touch or other senses
  • Be more physically mobile
  • Manage swallowing to enjoy mealtimes
  • Increase confidence to try new foods

Our Therapy services offer our customers a team of fully accredited, experienced and committed specialists, including:

We will work with our customers to determine their needs and develop a plan to achieve agreed goals so customers can reach their potential.

We can provide services in our consulting rooms, in our customer’s most comfortable environment or at a location appropriate to the goals our customers wish to achieve.

Specialist NSW Health funded therapy services we deliver include:

  • The Paediatric Spinal Outreach Service for children under 18 who have acquired a spinal cord injury
  • The Spina Bifida Adult Resource Team that provides specialised information and support for adults with spina bifida who are transitioning from paediatric to adult services

What we can offer

Our qualified, accredited and committed team offer therapy assessment or intervention services. Each service offers three different package levels.

Therapy Assessments

Package levels differ by hours and service components. Service components may include:

  • An assessment session
  • Summary report
  • Detailed report
  • Written recommendations like for a mealtime management plan
  • Funding applications
  • Equipment research
  • Equipment trial sessions
  • Liaison with equipment suppliers
  • Funding applications

Therapy Intervention Service

Package levels differ by hours and service components. All packages include:

  • Weekly/fortnightly dependent on need
  • Liaison with school or other support groups
  • Resource making
  • Reports as required

What our customers can expect from us

We are committed to our customers. As part of our service delivery, our customers can expect:

Personalised service

  • A unique individual plan
  • An expert to provide support and guidance navigating the system
  • Advice specific to individual needs

Proactive communications

  • Ongoing review of individual goals

Extensive resources

  • Individual skills development and training
  • Early education
  • Capacity-building resources
  • Qualified and highly skilled practitioners

Diverse qualified team

Assistance for support circles

  • Mentoring
  • Emotional support
  • Preparation for school

Easy access to services

  • Service delivery at the most appropriate location/s to support individuals to achieve their goals

When and where this service is available

Therapy services are available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm in the following locations:

Additional funding information

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will use the following terms to describe the funding that can be used to purchase therapy services:

  • Improved daily living skills
  • Assistive technology
  • Improved life skills

We can also support customers who would like to pay for services using their own funds, or if they have different type of state or Australian government funding. This may include initiatives like:

  • Better Start
  • Helping Children with Autism

We can support our customers to identify the funding and services they are entitled to.

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