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Feb 01, 2024

Exceeding expectations with the right supports

Early Childhood News

We met Donna and her mum Kaitlin when Donna was just 8 months old. At the time, Donna was experiencing delays across all levels of her development. Particularly physical, cognitive and language development, Donna also received a diagnosis of two chromosomal conditions. This was inherited from mum Kaitlin, and dad Kaz.

Unsure of where to receive support, Donna’s mum, Kaitlin became stressed and overwhelmed when trying to navigate the supports that were available for Donna. She also lacked confidence in her ability to take charge of her family’s supports. This was due to doubt from healthcare professionals about hers and dad Kaz’s parenting abilities. “It took 8 months after Donna’s diagnosis before we were pointed in the right direction and received supports from Northcott. Many healthcare providers thought that my disability would impact the way that I could care for Donna. They thought I wouldn’t be able to coordinate her supports.”

Gaining empowerment through the right supports

Kaitlin says, “Dana advocated for me so strongly and reassured me that I was doing so well on my own. She helped me fight and advocate for myself. If there’s anything I need help with organising Donna’s supports, I’d just call Dana.  She makes the time for me to sit with me and we’ll work through the applications together.”

Positive outcomes through early intervention

Having lived with the same chromosomal condition Donna has her whole life, Kaitlin knew they were in for an difficult journey when it came to seeking supports for Donna. She felt scared about what her daughter would face in terms of receiving supports. But Kaitlin reports that early intervention has meant Donna has achieved greater milestones in her two years than Kaitlin or Kaz did at her age.

Donna has made so much progress from being in Early Childhood. I love watching her get better every day.

Kaz, Donna’s Dad

Donna continues to progress in all areas of her development. She is now able to climb the stairs, she has started toilet training and has started to use a few words.

Donna and her family’s future plans

Donna is now in day care and is continuing to impress her therapists and support workers with her progress and determination. Kaitlin and Kaz are making plans to give Donna a brother or sister and are feeling confident in advocating for their family’s needs in future. Kaitlin’s advice to any families in their situation is to “Stay strong and keep to your morals and do what you know is right. Stand your ground and you will get help eventually.”

Early Childhood

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