Vocational Skills Training and Employment

Our School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) and Vocational Skills service is a practical, hands-on program, with a genuine focus and commitment to supporting our customers to become work ready, gain work experience, and explore volunteer opportunities to improve their likelihood of finding a job.

Building your independence

  1. Discover

    Your future career path

  2. Prepare

    For job applications

  3. Plan

    For your future

  4. Refine

    Your employability skills

What we offer

Our Vocational Skills Training (SLES) service assists customers to achieve their employment goals. Support is tailored to meet customers’ needs, assisting them to find work experience or volunteer opportunities; learn to socialise within the workplace; feel competent with travelling; and other employment-related skills. These skills build a solid foundation to increase the chances of securing work experience or long term employment.

Service is offered both individually and in small groups, at a pace that suits customer needs. We assist customers to understand their strengths, build their confidence and achieve their career goals. Our trained and supportive staff provide encouragement and support to customers to increase skills in:

Communicating with others

Making decisions

Everyday safety

Community engagement and socialisation

Planning and preparation

Handling money

Finding suitable and tailored work experience

Time management

Domestic and household tasks

Learning how to use public transport

Personal care and hygiene

Practical skill development

Work Readiness

We support customers to learn new skills to enable greater independence. These skills are tailored to suit individual needs, and they provide a solid foundation to increase the chances of securing work experience or long term employment. This may include:

  • Support to identify skills and strengths
  • Decision making skills for your future
  • Enabling a strong support network to develop independence
  • Personalised skills to prepare for working life
  • Access to passionate and trained staff to provide encouragement and support

Face to Face Training
We understand everyone is different and offer a unique plan for each customer. With a range of training modules and resources, we can offer support with further study, work experience or job placement. 

Work Experience
We have strong relationships with trusted companies in a variety of industries and offer individual support throughout work experience placement.
Our customers will receive regular feedback and support to ensure they get the most out of any work experience placements they undertake.

Finding A Job
Through our Vocational Skills (SLES) service, we assist our customers to gain an understanding of employer expectations and develop a range of job preparation skills including communication and social skills. We ensure our customers gain the skills they need to work in a team environment and support them to understand how to find and apply for a job.

"I feel with Northcott you have that extra support"

Greg Khatchigian - Vocational Skills customer

NDIS planning and support 
When it comes to making the most of your NDIS funding, we can assist you with Coordination of Supports, NDIS planning, and provide the highest standard of support services.

Combining experience and commitment 
Northcott utilises a team of experienced and trained staff to facilitate our Vocational Skills program. Our team is made up of staff with with extensive experience across a range of disability services to support and manage complex disability.

We focus on building independence and social inclusion through a diverse range of fun and educational activities. These are designed for customers to be able to build their confidence and self-esteem, while learning how to express their opinions, make decisions and respect others.

Disabilities supported

We support various forms of disability including neurological, congenital and genetic conditions. This includes cerebral palsy (CP), Duchenne muscular dystrophy, spina bifida and Rett syndrome. We also support people with intellectual disability such as Down Syndrome, Global Developmental Delay, Fine Motor Delay, Developmental Coordination Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Funding Information

  Individual coaching Group coaching
Finding and keeping a job  
Assistance with social and community participation
Increased social and community participation 
Improved learning
SLES (School Leavers Employment Support)
Improved relationships  

Vocational Skills Training and Employment FAQs


What is does the Vocational Skills/SLES service involve?

Northcott provides group and individual training and skill development to become work ready, gain work experience and explore volunteer opportunities and improve the likelihood of finding a job. We work with you individually to best understand your goals and needs, using a strengths-based approach to ensure you are supported throughout.

Do all participants end up with a job at the end of the program?

Our goal is to ensure we build your skills, preparing you for the future of work. We acknowledge work looks different for everyone and we have built modules to ensure we prepare you to succeed in the workplace. Northcott believes experience is the best way to learn, and we ensure we connect you with our network of employers to build your employable skills. In the last financial year, 83% of our VOC customers obtained employment. Those who haven’t had the chance to get a job yet, have developed skills that will enable them to get a job in the future.

Will there be opportunities for open employment work experience in an area I’m interested in?

We take pride in our connections with a range of employers. We will provide you with a broad range of work experience options so you are able to develop a diversity of skills. Understanding the options available will allow you to then focus on the field you are interested in. 

What kind of supports do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of supports, designed to cater to your individual needs. Our Vocational Skills and SLES service provides a solid foundation to increase your chances of securing work experience or long-term employment that suits you. Our passionate and trained staff will provide encouragement and support along the way through group and individual employment training and centre-based support.

Some of the supports we provide include, but are not limited to, travel training, identifying courses at TAFE, developing social confidence, personal wellbeing and finding practical activities to improve your work readiness.

We can assist you to make an appointment with one of our IPAs to discuss how best to support you.

How will you assist me to achieve my goals?

Northcott begins by always understanding you first. We identify your strengths and interests, and support you to develop your confidence, communication skills and independence. Through a better understanding of your goals, we tailor an individual plan specifically for you with strategies that will encourage and support you every step of the way.

Do you offer flexible hours?

Each of our offices run our centre-based VOC/SLES program on different days, generally during work hours.

Do you provide one-on-one or group support?

We offer both 1:1 and group support to make sure you are able to move towards your goal. This can depend on your funding, although we have the option to support both.

What qualifications do your staff have?

All our experienced staff have a range of qualifications and extensive training to ensure you are able to reach your desired goals.

Can I visit the premises and meet the people who will be working with me?

Absolutely. We have open days throughout the year and you are most welcome to give us a call to make a suitable time.

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