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Jul 17, 2023

Tales from Two – Mohammed and Alicia

News Sexuality and Relationship Education

Just like other young guys, Mohammed was curious about sex and relationships. Around three years ago, he approached Alicia, our Sexuality and Relationships Education Coordinator, to see if our service could support him to explore new relationships and intimate experiences.


When I met Alicia, I was nervous about bringing up the subject. But after a few minutes everything felt natural and everything just flowed from there. Alicia was very understanding and very approachable.

Her approach is quite relaxed which I think only helped make me feel more at ease. She’s easy-going and very warm and kind-hearted. She’s also always willing to help if she can. She makes the experience fun and is always open to new ideas.

I wanted to access the service because I wanted to try new experiences. Also I felt it was the right time and that I was ready. I wanted to meet new people. Now because of my experience with the service, I have made long lasting relationships.

After three years working with Alicia, I think we are much more comfortable with each other. She supports me when I need it and I try and do the same.


This support has shown that it’s ok to go after what you want. Also it has given me so much more confidence within myself and made me a happier, more fulfilled person in general.


Mo was looking for answers to questions he had and to explore his options for learning and experiencing new opportunities.

At the first meeting, Mo had a number of questions he wanted to ask so I sat with him and answered them. After digesting the answers we met again and he asked more questions and asked for advice.

Mo has definitely benefited from accessing the Sexuality and Relationship Education service. In fact, he doesn’t really access the service anymore as he has developed his own skills in managing his needs and supports – which is the best outcome!


I really enjoy that Mo is always interested in learning more and is always really polite. He’s always up for a laugh. I enjoy that we can have a little bit of a laugh about a topic that is embarrassing and hard to talk about at times.

I’m really proud that Mo is now an advocate for supporting other people with disability to learn more about sexuality and relationships. It’s a tough subject to talk about but I’m really proud that Mo sees the importance of informing others about their sexuality and relationship related rights.

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