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Mar 14, 2024

Behind the scenes of inclusive film Peaches and Cream

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Peaches and Cream – a new inclusive short film exploring dating and safe online communications for people with disability has begun production.

Informed film making

“I’ve been acting as the educator introducing basic topics around SRE, and how to navigate safe online dating through a series of workshops with students in Bus Stop Film’s Accessible Film Studies Program. I’ve also been providing a lot of education about sexting which is tailored for people with disability. I’ve been involved every step of the way, informing the script, informing diversity in the casting and making sure they have lived experience with disability,” says Patrick.

Staying safe online

Through a young couple with disability who are exploring the early stages of dating, Peaches and Cream explores the dynamics of relationships and tackling issues such as communicating boundaries and being safe and respectful when using online technology.

The film addresses a need identified by Northcott for more accessible resources to support people with disability to learn about healthy relationships, sexual education and consent both online and in-person.

“In this day and age with the rise of social media and tech there are a lot of young people using online communication. While these are great tools, there can be risks involved. This film will help to educate others and inform them on how to communicate their wants and needs. It’ll teach about consent and that it’s okay to not want to do something and how to compromise,” says Stephanie, Accessible Film Studies student.

Inclusive filmmaking – every step of the way

Thanks to grants from the Profield Foundation and the auDA Foundation, Northcott can collaborate with Bus Stop Films to create this short film to improve the digital literacy of young people with disability.

The film studies students developed the film’s concept by discussing their own experiences as people with intellectual disability when forming relationships with others using the internet, phone and text. These discussions formed the storyline of Peaches and Cream, written by the students alongside award winning writer Emily Dash.

“I love film, I wanted to get more into it and find a company that’s more inclusive. I had issues with seeing characters with disability being played by able bodied people, which is why I signed up for this film,” says Brandon, lead actor and Northcott customer.

We can’t wait to see the final cut of this short educational film produced by people with disability.

Sexuality and Relationship Education

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