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By Parul Jain, 4 December 2023 , Comments

Recently, 29 participants of our Work & Study service completed the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)/ Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG). This was possible thanks to the NEXT program grant funded by Citi Foundation. The course was conducted over two days and was delivered by the Barrington Group (RTO) on our sites – Penrith and Campbelltown for our North West and South West customers.

The course was well received by our customers, and they are glad that they had the opportunity to complete the course with support from Northcott staff.

All customers have passed and attained their RSA and RCG certificates!

“The course was really good and helpful. It wasn’t long and they explained very well. I feel like I have really understood the course,” said Haydon, a customer from Casula. Customers were also thrilled about being able to learn about working in the hospitality industry, expanding their skill set and being able to potentially explore more job opportunities in the future.

“The course was great. I learnt many things that I have to do with working at a club and what are some of the things you would need to do in situations that can happen at the club. Now that I have passed RSA and RCG I am most excited about being able to work in a club,” said Brendon, a customer from Campbelltown.

“I am excited that I passed the RSA/RCG course and have got my licence. I will have more options for jobs now,” added Haydon.

How will this course be useful for our customers?

Attaining the RSA or RCG certificate can significantly increase the employability of our customers in the hospitality industry. Especially for roles that involve serving alcohol or gaming as there is a emphasis on responsible service and consumption of alcohol and gambling in Australia.

Joshua, Coordinator of the NEXT program says, “This is a great achievement for our customers. They now have the opportunity to work in the hospitality and gaming industries.”

Congratulations to all customers who completed the course and to everyone involved in helping open doors to new opportunities for our customers!

What is the NEXT program?

NEXT is funded by a Citi Foundation grant through their global Pathways to Progress program. With this grant money, the NEXT program is providing personalised services that empower school leavers with a disability to gain the skills required to transition to their next life stage. This grant is provided under the Citi Foundation’s Capacity Building and Planning stream. It has allowed Northcott to be equipped and resourced to effectively support young people with disability to develop their work readiness and progress through pathways to future employment.

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