Spina Bifida Adult Resource Team

The Spina Bifida Adult Resource Team (SBART) provides clinical consultation, education, support and preventative health strategies to adults with spina bifida.

The Spina Bifida Adult Resource Team consists of a clinical nurse consultant and a senior occupational therapist. The team provides a range of free services to adults who have spina bifida and are living in NSW.

These services include:

  • Assisting young people to make the move from paediatric to adult services
  • Orientating young people to their new adult health service
  • Assisting with medical concerns as well as providing education and support to adults with spina bifida
  • Linking adults to appropriate health services as required
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles for adults with spina bifida
  • Attending adult spina bifida clinics across NSW
  • Providing spina bifida education to community services

Referrals are taken directly by the Spina Bifida Adult Resource Team. Adults with spina bifida can refer themselves, or any health or community service they are working with can make the referral with their permission. 

The Spina Bifida Adult Resource Team is funded by NSW Health and supported by Northcott.

The Spina Bifida Adult Resource Team provides specialised information and support for adults with spina bifida who are transitioning from paediatric to adult services. The state-wide SBART is funded by the Department of Health and hosted by Northcott, meaning that it is not NDIS funded and open to anyone with spina bifida.

Services range from linking adults with appropriate health services to providing ongoing education to individuals and community services. Contact SBART now on 0418 408 738 to find out how the free health service can support you.



Is SBART a NDIS Service Provider and is there a cost to access the service?

SBART is not an NDIS Service Provider. SBART is a health service funded by NSW Ministry of Health and hosted by Northcott. There is no fee to access the service and you can use the service as much or as little as you want.

How can I contact SBART?

To find out how SBART can support you, please contact Clinical Nurse Consultant Joanne Brady on 0418 408 738 or Senior Occupational Therapist Megan Teh on 0416 206 154.

Where is SBART based?

SBART is based in Northcott’s Hurstville Office at Suite 2.02 12 Butler Road Hurstville, but the team provide services across NSW. 

Where are spina bifida clinics located?

Clinics are held at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Westmead Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, Camden Hospital and John Hunter Hospital. SBART also run regional clinics in Dubbo, Coffs Harbour and Tamworth.

How do I connect to a clinic?

Contact a member of SBART for further information.

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